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October 28, 2016


Rain Gutter Gurus FAQ

Q: How long is the process for replacement of my gutters?

Usually, for residential customers, the measuring, planning and materials are ordered in advance and gutter installations can often be completed in just one day, with the crew size varying to meet the requirements of the job.

Q: Will you be using seamless gutters?

Rain Gutter Gurus uses high qualify custom made seamless gutters and can also create custom work to match varying architectural styles and colors. Some companies install premade sections, which would be more economical, but not as efficient.

Q: Are rain gutters “green”?

Rain Gutter Gurus love Mother Nature and work to use the most eco-friendly functional products in our product line. The beauty of installation and rain collection devise is that you save money, natural resources, and this can easily be done at the time of installation. Contact us for a list of available barrels, chains and decorative water retention devices. We can supply everything from low cost and functional to custom systems for glorious outdoor living.

Q: Do you have a license or insurance?

We have been licensed in CA since 2009 and properly insure our workers for your protection, their protection, and ours!

Q: What is your warranty program?

We use the highest quality warranted materials for our seamless gutters and cover our installation work for up to a year from the date of installation. We will return at no cost to repair any installation issues for leaks, rust and workmanship. However, we do not cover damage from construction, blockage (which is a result of lack or poor maintenance), or natural disasters.

Q: Can I get a written estimate?

Yes, Rain Gutter Gurus will tell you not only what needs to be done to complete the job, but what they recommend going forward to protect your home.  You choose what level of cost and service you want performed with the guidance or our experienced staff.

Q: Do you have references?

Yes, we have excellent references. Please contact us for a list of our references and also visit Yelp to see our 5 star reviews from existing customers.

Q: If I have a problem during installation, whom do I contact?

Our professional, experienced staff should be able to handle any issues on site, but our Sales Manager, or our owners are also available for problem resolution if any arise.

Q: Do you install gutter covers too?

Rain Gutter Gurus often recommend and install a variety of home appropriate gutter screens to decrease the build-up of debris and to decrease the need for frequent cleaning. Please note however, that gutters still need to be maintained throughout the year, even with screens, as the only way to prevent all debris from entering the gutter is to cover it completely which defeats the purpose of the gutters.

Q: What are the payment terms?

We require a signed contract to being the job, and payment for materials in advance when they are ordered.  Labor and all remaining charges are due the day of installation.

Q: Why spend money on rain gutters?

Rain gutters serve as an economical and thorough defense against landscape damage, wood dry rot, concrete etching and stucco staining.