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October 12, 2016


Guru Services

Rain Gutter Gurus and Window Washing Gurus are experts in their fields. Professionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured, but also ethically motivated to do the right thing for your home or office property. The Gurus will never make recommendations that make them money but don't benefit the customer. Decades of experience in both real estate and customer service provide cost effective and creative solutions that meet a variety of budgets. Most people likely want to prevent damage to roofs and foundations, they don’t have the interest in climbing up on their roof, or the time, energy or skills to properly maintain and repair their own gutters. RGG adds value by using high-quality tools, safety equipment, and extra touches like photo validation when requested or owners aren't present. 

Rain Gutter Gurus offer the highest quality seamless rain gutters, attachment devices, caulking, products, and water reclamation devices. Rain Gutter Gurus are friendly, reliable and fair, and their high level of service is set apart by their reliability, their attention to detail, their quality customer service and taking the time to do the job right. Plus, with their VIP Gutter Guru Annual Maintenance Contract, Rain Gutter Gurus take responsibility for making sure your gutters are functioning properly, automatically by setting up a regular and recurring schedule for maintenance.

Window Washing Gurus are cross-trained to wash your windows, inside and out, clean the window sill and screens, all for a fair price. The Gurus know a thing or two about water and how that can enhance and improve your property or yard. 

Sign up for a VIP Maintenance Contract and receive a discount on services.

Call a Rain Gutter Guru today to schedule a cleaning, repair, or a seamless gutter install or replacement or set up a window washing, solar panel cleaning, or power wash your yard or home for extra sparkle.

Rain Gutter Guru Services

  • Clean (caulk and reattach screws when accessible as part of normal service)
  • Repair
  • Replace and/or partial replacement
  • Install rain barrels
  • Reroute gutter systems for more efficiency

Window Washing Guru Services

  • Clean inside, outside and screens, as well as windowsills (as part of our normal service)
  • Clean solar panels for increased energy efficiency
  • Power wash roofs, decks, yard or outdoor furniture
  • Prepare exterior for sale by making home sparkle